"I forgot to tell you before"

Tumblr is basically over, and Twitter is not a blogging platform, but neither is Facebook, and Tinyletter requires hoops to jump through to access content because it isn’t one of my website pages, and I’ve been thinking anyway that I’d like to talk more longform. (Not longform longform. Just, like, more than 280 characters.)

As I delve into being more experimental with cooking and baking, also, I’d kind of like to start writing about that. The internet hardly needs another cooking blog but, guess what, I don’t care? I can’t give you the exact originality of Deb Perelman or Molly Yeh or Stella Parks or any number of other food writers, but that’s okay. I can give you my originality. My style of cooking, my style of photography and editing, my style of writing. My style of writing, in fact, involves a lot of alsos, because I never say everything I want to say the first time around. Hence the title of this blog: Also Also.

So for the time being, while I’m sorting out what to do, here’s a cake that I made for a Blue Velvet viewing party. I wanted it to be blue velvet but used black cocoa and it ended up being black velvet, so I made up for it by decorating it with a severed ear.