Down South

I haven't really used my RB67 since December, when I was in Canada, taking photos I thought I was going to like at the time but didn't really later on. I like these a lot, though. At the end of March I went down to Louisiana for the first time since summer 2015 (which, incidentally, was when I used the RB67 for the first time!). I toted around my cameras (which was easy, because we drove everywhere, so). I took a lot of photos. This is just one day, at my Papou's house, walking around his pond with my camera as the sun began to set.


I'm a bit behind on uploading week two. I took the photos, but I got caught up in the exhaustion of traveling to Louisiana for my Mamou's 75th birthday, and seeing my family, and then coming home, and so editing was sporadic for the last few days. So here I am, late already (but just on the blog post!). If you know me, I'm sure you're not surprised. Anyway —