Down South

I haven't really used my RB67 since December, when I was in Canada, taking photos I thought I was going to like at the time but didn't really later on. I like these a lot, though. At the end of March I went down to Louisiana for the first time since summer 2015 (which, incidentally, was when I used the RB67 for the first time!). I toted around my cameras (which was easy, because we drove everywhere, so). I took a lot of photos. This is just one day, at my Papou's house, walking around his pond with my camera as the sun began to set.


It's been a while, huh?

The other day, I had to update my billing information so that I could renew this site. And I thought, What's the point of paying for Squarespace if I don't actually take advantage of it? It's true I haven't been shooting enough, or much at all. But I want to get my money's worth, you know?

These photos of Kelly are from the last day in April. I got a haircut, then met her at a Starbucks and we headed over to Central Park. Blossoming spring photos may as well be a tradition at this point. (So is me posting them late, it seems.) It was a beautiful day, and I finally, finally figured out how to free lens, which I have been trying to figure out since the first time Kelly and I shot together!