Scenes from the 6

Sorry sorry I love Drake, I had to.

I went to Toronto for a week in December and brought my Mamiya RB67, which I had shot exactly two rolls on since buying it in summer 2015. I wanted to get back into photography and make the camera worth it, so I bought 11 rolls of film, a neck strap, and a new camera bag, and then got on a plane. (I brought my digital camera too and used it on only one day.)

I was going to wait to blog the photos until I had all the rolls developed — there are a few black and white, too — but I keep not having the time to develop the B&W ones now that I have the skills to, and I find myself missing Canada as America descends further into dystopia. Canada has a LOT of flaws, don't get me wrong — but I love Toronto and its unique sites and views, so up the photos finally go.