HaaretzQ attendees listen to Ari Shavit and Peter Beinart in the day’s final panel and keynote. " HaaretzQ addresses some questions; raises more " (New Voices Magazine)
 Led by organizer Montana Hauser (center, holding megaphone), marchers protest rape culture at the Shameless Promenade, formerly known as SlutWalk.  "Shameless Promenade flaunts name change"  (Queen's  Journal )
  Two marchers hold signs discussing consent.
 Ellen MacAskill, a third-year exchange student from Scotland, marches with a sign advocating an end to victim-blaming.
  Organizer Montana Hauser leads the Shameless Promenade down Bagot St. on the way back to City Park, where the march started and ended.
  "The divide"  (Queen's  Journal )
 Police patrolled University Ave. on Sept. 3, looking for violations of the Liquor Licence Act. In the end, they gave out 83 percent fewer tickets during frosh week in 2014 than in 2012.  "Frosh week liquor offences decrease drastically"  (Queen's  Journal )
 The patrol cars driving through the University District didn't stop students from partying.
 Wind toppled a tree at an apartment complex on Brock St., sending it crashing onto several cars. (Kingston, ON)
 In response to the August 2014 police shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, activists in Atlanta organized #ITSBIGGERTHANYOU. It describes itself as "a growing, sustainable platform for social change in Atlanta".  #ITSBIGGERTHANYOU protest (Atlanta, GA)
 Louis, left, is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party. He was handing out posters and flyers, saying that now is the time for revolution, not peace. He said he was for peace in the 1960s, until the Black Panther Party set him straight. Louis and the woman on his right started a chant of "Hands up, don't shoot!" 
 19-year-old Elle Lucier, who organized the #ITSBIGGERTHANYOU event, speaks before the march.
 The photograph on this man's shirt is Robert Cohen's now-iconic photo of a man (@eyefloodpanties on Twitter) throwing a tear gas canister away from children in Ferguson, MO.
 A silent rally at City Hall in solidarity with Gazans drew hundreds protesting Operation Protective Edge. The July 22 rally was organized by Queen's University faculty members.  "Kingstonians seek peace in Gaza"   (Queen's   Journal  )
 A man holds the flag of Palestine at the rally.
 Some signs reiterated the death toll, which as of the protest stood at 600 Palestinians dead and 30 Israelis. Others criticized Stephen Harper for supporting Israel and its Operation Protective Edge.
 Sophie Kiwala, the Liberal candidate and eventual member of provincial Parliament representing Kingston & the Islands, canvasses door-to-door with her campaign team in Kingston's Sydenham District.  "Candidates talk student issues"   (Queen's   Journal  )
 Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May is greeted by supporters on the platform at the Via station in Kingston on Wednesday. May spent three minutes on the platform talking to supporters before getting back on the train, heading to Fredericton for the party's 2014 convention.  "Green Party leader touts Via Rail investment"  (Kingston Whig-Standard)
 Steve Cutway was frustrated by the experience he had when he voted in advance at a Kingston returning office. Cutway attempted to use the accessible voting machine, only to find it inaccessible.  "Blind man frustrated by voting experience"   (Kingston Whig-Standard)
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