2016/366/3 + 4

I've fallen, almost, into the same trap I always do. I come home late and by the time I've eaten dinner and settled in, I'm tired. I don't want to shoot or I don't know what to take photos of. It isn't easy to get into the rhythm of daily photography when I often am not really doing anything, and I have to search a subject out in my apartment so I don't get sick of my own face looking back at me from the camera screen. (No wonder so many 365s are largely self-portraiture; if you don't want to do still life, what else can you do?) So I search the still lifes out. The most artfully arranged things in my home are my makeup and perfume collections, so those begin to appear more and more.

And I remain, largely, by myself. Jonas comes and blankets New York in an unexpected two feet plus of snow, and I don't venture outside until Monday, when the streets have mostly been cleared and I've spent too long cooped up inside. I take my camera to a coffeeshop and take note of all the litter stuck into mounds of snow like it'll melt away with the sun too. It could be artful, so I try to make it into art. Hard to forget that the snow will be gone and the coffee cups will still be there, though.


I'm a bit behind on uploading week two. I took the photos, but I got caught up in the exhaustion of traveling to Louisiana for my Mamou's 75th birthday, and seeing my family, and then coming home, and so editing was sporadic for the last few days. So here I am, late already (but just on the blog post!). If you know me, I'm sure you're not surprised. Anyway —